It’s a Fungus Among Us The Good the Bad the Downright Scary


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A 2018 Outstanding Science Trade Book for Students: K 12 (National Science Teachers Association and the Children’s Book Council)

Fungus is more than just mushrooms. It’s a Fungus Among Us shows off big and small fungi that do everything from consume jet fuel to creating actual zombies!

In It’s a Fungus Among Us you’ll meet the wild group of organisms that can turn ants into zombies and eat trillions of pounds of feces every day. They’re not all gross though these are the same types of organisms that make cheese stretchy add sour tastes to candy and make bread rise! 

We’re talking about fungus! Different kinds of fungi do incredible things; did you know that in future they may even help save the environment because they can eat plastics in landfills and jet fuel from ocean crash sites. When you read It’s a Fungus Among Us you’ll learn about outdoor adventures kitchen experiments and get an introduction to Humungous Fungus a 38 acre fungus with an ice cream named after it that holds the record for the world’s largest organism. 

Feast your eyes on hundreds of full color photos check out activities and experiments and learn all kinds of wild and wacky information from these unique organisms.

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